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For any observation or suggestion regarding the content of this website, do not hesitate to write to the following email: We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Given the complexity of the issues and estimation methods, there may be errors. Maybe your comments help us to discover and improve them.

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    Mailbox of suggestions and proposals for collaboration

    The C-intereg Project is interested in a wide set of research lines. Given our limited resources and the need to maintain the lines already started, we cannot always advance alone as quickly as we would like. That is why we open to collaborate with any institution or individual that may be interested to contribute in a specific line. We are also happy to hear suggestions to collaborate on new ideas. If you have any proposal, do not hesitate to write to the following email: We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

    Participation in joint projects with other teams is contemplated within international, National and Autonomous research calls.

    Likewise, explorations of databases of specific companies in the field of logistics or commercial distribution are contemplated, in conjunction with our data.

    Find below our main fields of interest:

    • The quantitative analysis of interregional and international trade in goods and services in Spain and the EU.
    • The quantitative analysis of any measure with an impact on the market unit within Spain and the EU.
    • Trade analysis with focus on the quality heterogeneity of goods and services.
    • The analysis of trade within a country at different spatial scales (region, province, municipality) and the impact of borders on the intensity of trade.
    • The quantitative analysis of trade in Spain and the EU in relation to logistics: multi-modality, intermodal competition, efficient management of transport infrastructures, etc.
    • The analysis of economic complexity in relation to international and interregional trade at the sub-national level, as an early indicator of economic growth.
    • The link between interregional and international trade within the framework of the literature on fragmentation of the value chain and the import content of trade.
    • The quantitative analysis of the historical and geographical conditions of current interregional and international trade in Spain.
    • Analysis of the ecological footprint (water and carbon) of interregional and international flows based on series of freight transport.
    • Development of simulation tools that include interregional and intersectoral effects at a national and international level: Multi-regional Input-Output and General Computable Models.
    • Interactive data visualization and the use of new analysis tools (Big Data) applied to the analysis of geo-referenced data, with focus in origin-destination flows and networks.
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