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C-intereg is a Project focused in the analysis of international and interregional trade in Spain.

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21 April, 2021

Cuadro: ¿Malinchismo, selección encubierta de turistas o mera capacidad de control?

En esta ocasiones hemos decido analizar en el siguiente cuadro la movilidad en España durante esta Semana Santa…
20 January, 2021

Cuadro: El comercio región-región de España con la UE

El Proyecto C-intereg presenta una nueva base de datos en la que venimos trabajando desde hace años. Aportará…
29 October, 2020

Cuadro: El comercio internacional de los productos relacionados con la COVID19 en España

Hemos elaborado un cuadro en el que analizamos el comercio internacional de los productos relacionados con la COVID19…


a unique project

with a permanent mission

The C-intereg project has been providing data and rigorous analysis about the interregional trade between the Spanish regions and provinces for more than 10 years. Aware of the process of globalization, C-intereg wants to emphasize the importance of internal trade and market unity within Spain and the EU. Our data have been analyzed with the aim of estimating the role played by borders, as well as transport costs and information as an obstacle to trade of goods and services. It has been also used to analyses logistics complexity and intermodal transport competition within a country. We have identified Hub-spoke structures between interregional deliveries, and we are now analyzing the level of economic complexity of each region, as well as the linkages between foreign and domestic trade within the Global Value Chains. The level of detail and stability of our databases offer multiple possibilities of analysis and expansion, both in the field of economic analysis, as well as modeling and prediction. Likewise, it offers a rich base for estimating the water and carbon footprint within the country.

The Project is open to collaboration with public (regions, councils, town halls …) and private institutions (consulting companies, planning and sales departments, etc.). Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find what you need…
Did you know?
  • Our methodologies always seek consistency with national official figures and treat all regions in an equivalent way…
  • Our data allow us to estimate the intensity of the ties that Catalonia, or any other CCAA, binds with the rest of Spain?…
  • Our data have been used to feed an interregional input-output model for Spain, which allows to quantify interregional and intersectoral effects of impacts such as national and regional policies, or events such as the Brexit or the recent protectionist policies of the USA against iron and steel from Spain and the EU?…
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